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Christmas Time

This is the 1st post in my Christmas Gift Guide series

It’s officially Christmas Season. I declared it, so it is. What this means to you is that I’m going to highlight some interesting Christmas gift ideas. I’ve actually done this for the previous two or three years for my friends and I thought it’d be fun to share the strangest stuff on the web on my blog. For the most part, these items are going to sit on the edge of “silly” near the crick “stupid” and just to the south of “nuts.”

A few of the items I find are actually closer to “awesome,” at least in my humble opinion.

The first part of this series isn’t going to be all that unusual, this edition is dedicated to the MOB’s most “niche” blogger:

Crossword Crazy?

This year you can give yourself a crossword project that just may last you the rest of your life:

Breaking the 1996 Guinness record, this crossword hangs on a full seven feet by seven feet of wall space and has 28,000 clues for over 91,000 squares. It’s a challenge that can take months, even up to a year, to complete. A 100-page clue book, with no repeats, provides the hints. For the lone wordsmith, it folds for lap or tabletop solving. The puzzle grid and 4- by 4-foot answer grid are printed on sturdy paper stock. Crossword can be tacked or taped to the wall. Comes with a storage box. (2 lbs.)

Luckily, the pursuit of mind numbing entertainment has been helped along by technology. Now you can do crossword puzzles anytime, anywhere:

A crossword puzzlers dream, this handheld digital device contains 1,000 puzzles from the New York Times archive for challenging fun without ink smudges, bulky folded news pages, or the need for an eraser. A simple stylus allows you to select and place letters on the touch-sensitive screen (like using a PDA) for precise puzzle solving thats quick, easy, and pencil-shaving free. A memory save feature lets you stop in the middle of a formidable puzzle and complete it later, and there are three levels of play to test your skill. A hint helper provides welcome assistance for particularly problematic puzzles at the touch of a button, and a spell checker ensures word accuracy

And finally, for people like me who have never solved a single crossword despite thousands of hours in classrooms not listening to lectures, there’s moretechnologyy to the rescue:

This helpful device provides an edge for beginning or experienced crossword puzzle devotees by instantly locating missing letters in words and phrases. Containing over 250,000 words and phrases from Merriam-Webster®, it covers such categories as countries, capitals, presidents, sports figures, writers, celebrities, flowers, gems and wines. Easy to use, it lets you type in partial words with question marks filling in for unknown letters and in seconds, a scroll-down list of possible fits is displayed on the LCD. In the phrase mode, simply type in a word that is part of the phrase and a list of matches will come up

This series will continue everyday in December until I run out of ideas, and probably beyond.


4 Responses

  1. Now this post most indubitably rocks! I knew about the crossword puzzle assistants, but not about the giant crossword for sale!

  2. The wall crosword puzzle reminds me of this comic.

  3. Crossword puzzles are great group family activities for over the holidays, when everyone’s sitting around kind of aimlessly. We did some with my mom over Thanksgiving and it worked out nicely.

    Speaking of a gift that keeps on giving throughout the year (unless the recipient manages to finish the huge crossword in record time), I gave my boyfriend a new music magazine (college music journal) for his birthday. It comes with a sampler CD every month, which he really likes.

    The technologically oriented of course should always check out http://www.thinkgeek.com.

    And for the words-are-fun crowd, http://www.engrish.com has hilarious Japanese tshirts (I think they’re mostly Japanese) with extremely bizarre English statements.

  4. I’m ordering the Hideous Portal to Gael’thoth for Christmas!

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