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Origins I

There has been much talk of blog origins, blogparents, blog family trees, and blog intellectual heritage amongst the MOB lately. The reason is simple, some smart aleck thought he could increase his traffic by putting together a blog family tree.

Well, it worked, damnit. And I’m now a willing participant.

The tree.

I listed my blogparent as Hugh Hewitt. However, that could be easily disputed. I’m fairly confident I’m a bastard child blogger. I was not borne of another blogger’s influence, but by the mainstream media.

Sickening, I know.

In January of 2004, I had noticed the continuing coverage of something called “blogs” in the news. I had noticed blogs earlier in my Internet surfing, but never thought anything of them. However, as I kept hearing about blogs, specifically their role in the Lott-Thurmond Birthday scandal, I became interested in actually starting a blog. First week back from Christmas Break in my senior year from college, I wrote down in one of my notebooks “Get a blog.”

I simple searched for “blog” on Yahoo (I wasn’t a Google user until late) and “Blogger.com” was the first return that mentioned “Start Publishing Now!” I got an account, and on February 1st, I started posting on my new blog “MartyEmail Goes Blog”

MartyEmail was what I called my weekly “ezine.” I had a bad habit of forwarding funny stories in the news and weird websites I found to friends. Soon enough, instead of sending them these things individually, I made an email list. Soon I had an organized weekly ezine that I sent to about 100 people through email. It was originally a bit of a joke, but it became for me a serious endeavor. MartyEmail, the original ezine, is pretty dead now, but what I did with it fits into blog form much better anyway.

I still post on that blog, mostly those inane online quizzes, sometimes the funny crap I find that wouldn’t work on this blog. Presently MartyEmail is hosting my travel reflections, posts of which I’m fairly proud. It gets about 10 hits a day, which has been consistent since it started.

I started this blog in March of 2004, but I didn’t start posting on it consistently until just before the 2004 presidential election.

I went about looking for the first blog that I posted up, when I was searching for my origins, and this is the first blogger I mentioned in my blog[s]:


For the most part though, I was blogging in a vacuum with no main blogger influences. I remember the first blogger that I read regularly being Peter Welle. Peter wasn’t a political blogger at all, he’s a humorist that blogs about events in his life.

When Tony and I first got a radio show on “The Deuce” I remember interviewing blogger Gerry Daly, and having Aaron Clarey call in to talk about his blog (Aaron didn’t make it on that day, but he has since done a few radio shows on KSTP in Minneapolis after his appearance on KSTP’s “The Next Big Thing”).

I first met Mitch Berg at this time as well.

But I was still not reading any bloggers regularly, and I wouldn’t for sometime. It wasn’t until after I started going to Keegan’s and other MOB events that I would read other bloggers heavily.

So, if I started blogging because of MSM, and I didn’t read any bloggers at all for a long time, how on Earth did I come up with Hugh Hewitt as my blogfather? Well, between all the bloggers I mentioned above and all the external influences, one book shaped my blogging philosophy


Hugh Hewitt Sold me on blogging. A number of others influenced me, but it was Hugh Hewitt that showed me “the way.” When I first started blogging, my thoughts were that a blog was a great place to try out column ideas and put links to stories I found funny. Since then I have adjusted my posting to be less formal, and to drop some of my MSM training hangups (I was a journalism student to start out with at the U of M).

So, the “intellectual heritage” that I belong to is Hugh Hewitt, sorry Mr. Welle.


4 Responses

  1. Your not my Father!! You don’t understand my blog!! Nobody understands my Blog!!

    So what about people who don’t have Blogfathers..are they guilty of “Blogcest”?

  2. Are you okay?

    It’s not “Blogcest,” it’d be immacualte conception. And I doubt you apply, as you went to Keegan’s, someone in the MOB influenced your blog someway.

  3. Am I ever OK?

    Seriously though…if the idea of a blog family tree is based on origin, then I started my blog on a whim after reading yours. But if it’s based on influence…well, I’m not sure any one source could be my “Blogfather” in that case, after all, I like to think my blog as “unique”. Where else can you find a singing fetus?

  4. I am a true blogchild of Hugh Hewitt and I, too, put that on the list and voila, so much traffic I almost need a stoplight. At first I didn’t know where it was coming from. But, interestingly enough, I ran across your blog long ago! Small blog world.

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