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News Briefs

Because there are times when I need a little catching up…

White Sox continue to have calls break their way:

These calls have ignited debate about the need for instant replay while playing a key role in their six-game postseason winning streak entering tonight’s Game 3 of the World Series against the Houston Astros.

Four times an umpire has ruled their way — despite replay evidence to the contrary in some cases — usually followed by a momentum-changing hit.

I happen to think it’s time for instant replay in baseball, and they should look to their parent sport, Cricket, for a workable method. Cricket has a seperate umpire for TV replays alone, and it only takes 30 seconds to make a decision. It wouldn’t be like the long delay of game caused in Football.

Bush makes appointment that about everyone agrees with

Once he steps into Mr Greenspan’s shoes, Mr Bernanke will undoubtedly try to keep a low profile for a while as he feels out the new job. But he will probably not be able to maintain it for long. For one thing, Mr Bernanke, unlike Mr Greenspan, has endorsed the idea of setting an explicit target for inflation, which would be a substantial policy shift for the Fed. For another, the new chairman will face considerable challenges. Though guiding monetary policy is less fraught than it used to be, now that the Fed has established its hawkish credentials through a long period of stable prices, there are storm clouds gathering on the economic horizon.

The most worrying of these is America’s housing bubble. Soaring house prices have been crucial in underpinning consumer spending since 2001 as Americans have blithely ridden out slowing income growth by releasing large sums of home equity. A related problem, the gaping (and growing) current-account deficit, has many observers worried about a sudden dollar devaluation triggering a “hard landing” for America’s economy—and thus the world economy. And rising oil prices have once again raised the spectre of the devastating combination of high consumer prices and slow growth that haunted the 1970s. There are no clear answers to any of these problems, and Mr Bernanke will have to feel his way with the eyes of the world upon him. Perhaps Mr Carville had the right idea after all.

He might even be the smartest ever…

I think he’s a good choice, but I agree with Greenspan’s goal of zero inflation versus Bernanke’s set goal of consumer price index. Splitting hairs really.


Why couldn’t Bush have made SCOTUS appointment of such credentials (though I still stand by my statement that there’s no good reason to not vote for Miers. “There’s more qualified people” is not a good argument, there are always more qualified people.)

The news headlines have left me quite happy that there are term limits for Presidents.

A WWII soldier is found

Tom Delay is unsinkable…

That’s his mug shot, here’s a fake story about an autographed Delay mug shot

And here is a photo of one of my coworkers at LI:

I think that Delay is going to be fine, my coworker on the other hand…


One Response

  1. The White Sox finally had an incorrect call go against them, so maybe things will begin to even out.

    Even does not matter, though. Lets just get the call right, at least in the postseason. There is still no logical reason not to have instant replay in the post season, because they would not even have to have an extra umpire assigned. There is always some type of umpire supervisor at the post season games now. Put him in a booth with a set of monitors and lets start to get some of these calls right.

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