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  • August 2005
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There’s always good reading out there, and I’ve fallen a bit behind, some columns I noted:

Peggy Noonan considers the need to imagine evil.

Noonan basically says we have to stop shutting down military bases because we never know if we might need them. This is an important concept that I’ve heard before but is probably worth repeating. It may cost a lot to spend money on a military, but it costs a lot more to go to war. Having a big scary military in place reduces your total costs as most opposing states won’t go to war with you.

Bob Novak predicts the GOP losing big in ’06

I am also pessimistic about 06, I think that the GOP has its head sonmewhere in the nether regions of their colons.

George Will on ID and nature


3 Responses

  1. For all that is holy, legalize capital punishment for spammers.

  2. It COULD be a tough year for the GOP, and I agree – we have no business being a majority party what with the utter disarray and disorder on the domestic agenda (what domestic agenda??) and the lack of any public relations program with the international agenda/war in Iraq. Senators are breaking ranks right and left, and in ten years of controlling Congress we haven’t cut spending one dime. Why am I still optimistic about the GOP having a good year in 2006? The Dems have it much, much worse. Barring an epic scandal, the Dems will still be the “out” party, and the GOP will claim success for their inaction on anything resembling a conservative agenda.

  3. You can’t bank on your opponents’ mistake for victory, you must bank on your own efforts. The Dems might be in disarray, but we cannot be complacent.

    During the Civil War the Confederates defeated a disorganized and undertrained Union army at the Battle of Bull Run. Yet, instead of aggresively pursuing the Union Army, they rested and gathered Union supplies off of dead soldiers. That action allowed thousands of Union soldiers to return to the field better trained and experienced.

    Same deal here, we might piss out a victory in ’06, but I want a rout.

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