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Yecke Out

Dr. Cheri Yecke is pulling out of the 6th district congressional race. She has been offered a top job in Florida working in her chosen field of education. This story has already been reported on by everyone, Tony Garcia has the best overall summary methinks. Andy from RF has the inside scoop.

Personally, while I liked Yecke’s strong conservative stances, I didn’t like some of the focus on education. Yecke was running for a federal office, and I don’t want federal oversight in education. I want education to be a state issue.

How does this change the race? Everyone is saying that with Yecke’s departure Bachmann stands to benefit. I will bow to others on this, they’re on the inside, and I am new to the 6th district. However, I tend to think that Yecke’s departure helps out just about everyone.

Yecke, due to her focus on education, probably had a more diverse set of delegate supporters. Bachmann I think has always had a hold on social conservatives, so I just don’t see where the net gain for Bachmann will be, you can’t get what you already had.

Because education lovers (soccer mom types) tend not to be crazy social conservatives, I see Knoblach and Esmay getting benefit from Yecke’s departure. I don’t think Krinkie well have any net effect.

So far I like all the candidates. I only have slight reservations about Knoblach and Esmay. Esmay supports the assualt weapons ban, and Knoblach is a bit of a log roller spending wise. I like the fact that Esmay is a veteran, and his other knowledge in international affairs would make him a good federal office holder. Knoblach has cancelled on Race to the Right twice now, and is otherwise a true pain to get a hold of. Knoblach has some work to do to change my first impressions about him.

I still have no horse in this race. I think that any candidate would be fine. I also believe that any of these candidates would win in the 6th.


3 Responses

  1. This helps Bachman since Yecke was essentially Michelle’s mini-me in the race – Female fire brand conservative on social issues. Esmay has no chance.

    We now have a clear three way choice for 6th district delegates:

    Krinkie – Solid conservative with economic emphasis.

    Bachman – Solid conservative with social emphasis (and the best looking and spoken in my opinion).

    Knobloch – Solid Republican (note the subtle difference) with quiet econ emphasis. Basically a good party guy.

  2. I’m not counting Esmay out, I like a good underdog and I tend to go to bat for Military folk.

  3. Except I’m not sure how much support Yecke had. The Leviticus crowd types are already supporting Bachmann.

    On Esmay, I’ve heard that two of Kline’s staffers are helping out his campaign – I assume this is being done on free time.

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