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  • August 2005
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Here’s a little taste of what it feels like to work for a PC paper, this is an actual email I received on the “all staff” forward list of the Minnesota Daily:


This is a perfect example of why we need reporter minority group sensitivity training. Why do the police reports include Somali and Ethiopian in the description? Is it important that we report it just because they reported it? And Fu Manchu — is that important, and possibly insensitive?


Good lead. Good use of quotes.


This was another example of insensitive reporting. What’s older? To a 20-year-old writing this story, maybe the 40-somethings in our story are older. But to the 60-year-old professors reading this story, this might be offensive reporting.

These are excerpts from the daily “critique” email sent out from the editor of the paper critiquing all the articles in a particular issue of the Daily. Concerns about political correctness and sensitivity were nauseating and numerous. This particular editor was always concerned about this stuff. At one point she complained about the decision to publish the picture of a man suspected of murder because he was black, and she was worried about racism. Since I lose access to the MNDAily’s email system in a little bit, I’m doing my best to try and find as many gems of idiotic PC as possible. I’ll publish them if I find anymore blatant examples of liberal worldview interfering with the reporting of the real world.

I’m fairly certain this happens at all newspapers, but I’d love it if others came forward and showed just how insane the PC pirates have gotten. Fu Manchu is not a racist and insensitive term. It is descriptive of a style of facial hair that anyone can wear.


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  1. Just forward all your MN Daily e-mail to your Gmail…then you can search them easily, keep them without worring about you storage space…you know the drill.

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