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  • August 2005
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Open Thread!


Random thoughts

This is your Captain speaking…

I’ve been meaning to ask this all week: Don’t you think there is a place for the Reverend Robertson at the head of some action directorate at the CIA? I personally think that Mr. Hugo Chavez has already done enough to have earned himself a quick sanction. He is doing exactly the same kind of things that we went after Castro for except for the fact that he controls a country that exports more oil to the US than any country outside of Saudi Arabia. Where are the Bulgarians when we need them?

What are the Dems trying to accopmlish with Ms. Sheehan in the ditch? Do they really think most Americans think GW should give her the time of day? There is no story there except for an artificial one that shamefully exploits the patriotic sacrifice of her son. She has dishonored him and cheapened his memory for purely personal gain. (She is getting a shitpot full of money from lib donors.)

I wonder if we have finally seen enough of Natalee Holloway? It seems plain to me that she was the victim of a few predatory natives all of whom think they can get away with murder. I think she was drugged, raped, murdered and her body hidden somewhere. I admire her parents persistence in trying to find her, and when that failed trying to get these murderous brats prosecuted, which would not have happened without her pushing it. If Aruba wants to save its tourist industry (the only one they have), they need to put these kids away for a long time. No one is going to send their young daughters down there for any kind of a trip otherwise, and without the women there won’t be any young men either.