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And I thought Minnesota was bad

This is your Captain speaking…

O’Rielly had a segment tonight about the U of WisconSIN at Madison’s treatment of two of their professors who have been convicted of sexual crimes against minor girls. One was convicted of a minor offense, and will have to spend a few days in stir. The other, one Roberto Coronado, a prof in the medical school, has pleaded no contest to molesting three different minors (female) over the past 10(!) years. He is going to jail for a whole 8 years, and has started serving his sentence. The University is paying him vacation pay while he is missing his classes, and refuses to fire him until they go through their own review process. Huh? Isn’t a conviction enough evidence for them. I guess no one explained that a no contest plea is the same as a guilty plea to these educated idiots.

There is a legislator over there who is trying to get a list of known felons who are now employed at the University, and they are refusing to send it to him. I know what I would try to do if I was in his shoes: I would cut off state money to the University system, declare all their properties as private properties, and tax them accordingly, as well as declaring them a for-profit entity and charge them tax on every dollar they collect in tuition and fees. Maybe going bankrupt would teach them a little about the real world.