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  • August 2005
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Nest Transitions

This is your Captain speaking…

Jr left for training for his new job yesterday. Watching him leave was a mixture of emotions for us. (No, the emotions were not joy and happiness!) This is the start of a transitional period where he will be home more, having moved away from the cities, but it will be the beginning of a permanent separation when he finally gets employment somewhere either out of town or out of state.

That’s not what I was thinking when he left, though. I was wondering how he was going to get to Salt Lake City when he was slated to have a paper ticket and the only thing he had was a reservation, an e mail from Orbitz, but no paper ticket. America West let him on, ignoring the fact that he had only a one way reservation, no ticket, carry-on luggage only, and was a dark, young, strong male. That’s security for you.

I was also worried about his car. I keep thinking it will disappear from his apartment, or, even worse, be waiting for him with the tires removed, windows broken and the radio just a memory. (He lives in a really classy neighborhood. At least it was 50 years ago.) He drives an ’88 Nissan Z car, and at one time the T tops for this type of car were the most stolen items from airport parking lots. That was 15 years ago, and now the tops are one of the least likely things to be stolen.

Jr’s leaving was only one of the transitions occurring here. For the last 8 years, my wife has owned an antique shop, with a few items of her own for sale but renting out the majority of the floor space to other dealers. Since the end of the internet boom on 2000, business has not been good, and we finally put up the going-out-of business sales signs and have rented out the store to some fast talking guys who need lots of phone lines and internet access. Got us a large deposit, so if the boys in blue or the bums from the IRS show up looking for our new renters we will be covered. I’m just happy I will not have to make the payment on the place out of my pocket every month. The wife is bummed. The store has been her social outlet for a long time, since she gets along well with the antique crowd even though she doesn’t really like antiques. Now if we could only sell the house.