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  • August 2005
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Gone for a while, audio posts coming, Captain Bogs, and a free for all…




Roger Ebert writes the best bad movie reviews.

stem cells stuff

baby sex choice debate

cell phone stuff

meat in test tubes

robots get skin stuff

Hitchhike game

Game again in different form

Wikipedia article on hitchhike game


retire to cruise ships

Gay marriage article

ray guns

size of web

libertarian question on gay marriage

I’d clean this post up a bit, but I don’t care right now, too tired.

Open Thread!

Family Link

Evaluation Time:

I’d like everyone to grade the blog, under the following criteria:

Appearance (I know it looks bad, but is it terrible?)

Captain Bogs (addition working out? Where does he need to improve?)

Improvement (Is it getting better or worse?)

Library of Congress stuff (Worth the effort?)

Random Links (Anyone even click on the things?)

Content (what do people look for in blog content?)

Writing (Crap or not crap?)

other notes:

[leave any responses in the comments]

Open Thread!

Last Daily Column available here.

And now that I’m no longer employed by the Daily, I want to complain about the editing work done to my columns, most of which only served to disrupt any prose and meter.

Final Summer Column


Open Thread!

Anything movie related…

Open Thread!

Anything restaurant related