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  • August 2005
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Another foreign airliner crashes

This is your Captain speaking…

Air France, Air Tunis, Helios, and now some second rate airline in Central America, all in the last couple of weeks. Folks, it takes money to fly safely.

American airline companies have our good ole government looking over our shoulders all the time, and I must say most of the time they are nothing more than a pain in the butt. But they make us fly safely. Our safety rules in this country have been written by the blood of the people who have gone before us and made mistakes and paid for them with their lives. Now these worldwide idiots, flying old jets in an unsafe manner, exploiting the public’s complacency about airline safety, are having their passengers pay for their cutting corners in training, equipment,and pilots.

The FAA has in the past allowed new or broke airlines to do stuff that they would not allow established airline companies to do.(One example is TWA being allowed to fly old jets without the extra inspections that Delta and United, flying the same type of jets, had to pull. The inspections took days and put the jet on the ground until they were completed. The FAA decided that TWA couldn’t afford to pull their jets because they had just enough aircraft to complete their schedule.) I hope that that type of thinking has gone away. All I know it that I will NEVER fly in a jet run by the charter companies or by a company once known as Valuejet. If you pull up Orbitz and push the “cheapest fare” button, and it does not come up as an American legacy company, and you fly it anyway, you have less respect for your own life than I have for the few years that I have left. Safety is expensive. The great American legacy airlines, the Americans, Northwests, Deltas and Uniteds, are now, and have always been, the most safe way to get anywhere. (In all fairness, there are great foreign airlines as well, Qantas, British Air being two excellent and safe examples.)
Other American companies, notably Southwest and Jet Blue, also have attitudes toward safety that are excellent.

Jr’s new employer has just routed him all over the country, flying all sorts of companies I would not ever fly with, just to save a few bucks. Inexcusable. If something happens to him on this trip, there is a guy in Washington who might lose his firstborn. A little extra money is well spent if you are spending it on safety.


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Just a note…

I will be gone from August 18th until August 27th. Light posting from me, probably nothing but audio posts. Captain Bogs will be around, and I’ll get an open thread going tomorrow. Should be enough to keep you people busy.