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The Ultimate Sports Bar and Grill

…is in fact the ultimate dive.

1101 Division Street
Waite Park, MN

This place reeked of cheap. Cheap tables, cheap entertainment, cheap everything. The positive aspect was the large number of television sets tuned to various sporting events.

The reason I and new Intern Aaron went to this bar was because it was the first Sports Bar we found. I needed to catch the PGA Championship.

Don’t judge me.

As it was, this venue offers Pepsi products on tap, other products in cans, gives you free refills, and the waitress even feigned friendliness.

Too bad the food was bad. The burgers were somewhat juicy, sorta tasteless, and the fake cheese products they slapped onto them were more befitting something you’d get frozen and would stick into a microwave than something you’d pay money for. The one positive was that the fries were tasty.

But the burgers, man. There just isn’t enough ketchup in those bottles to cover up the bland plastic taste. A large part of their menu was taken up by burgers, you’d think they’d be better at making them.

Mayby the Ultimate Sports bar is the way to go as a social venue (So theorized Aaron the Intern) but it’s not worth the cost of paying for that level of food.


Just two sources for this week’s column, one was the notes I took on the History Channel’s X-Day speical that was on yesterday (I still want to post on that) and this article that I found linked to the wikipedia article on the Nagasaki bombing. I changed the column subject from what I had originally planned to a discussion of the Nuking of Japan dues to excessive stupidity I noted on TV in the last couple of weeks.

You’ll have to excuse me, I’m working on my last MNDaily column. I’m a little too close to my deadline for comfort as well.

Exclusive behind the scenes photo at KNSI:

Random Link o’ the Day: