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  • August 2005
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Weekend Reading/Show Prep:

Awesome idea, potentially shaky execution, still groundbreaking:

Update on the Ashes

They are taking away TV…Sorta (more on this later)

Blogger Melancholy or depression

New Stuff from Google:
Google Print Plan’s problems

9-11 archives reveal huge problems


Deaths in Iraq highly correlated to Bush’s numbers In fact, according to Gerry’s numbers, about 50% of the variance in approval ratings is directly attributable to American casualties.

Comic Strip Generator

Letter to Cindy Sheehan from Iraqi

First Ring gets Pawlenty letter and reacts to it.

Thomas Sowell Random Thoughts

Walter Williams on type I and Type II errors


Bargain Bin Movie Review

Available at Walmart, Kung Pow, Enter the Fist!


Steve Oederkerk is really an unsung hero in the movies. He doesn’t get a lot of parts, yet he’s one of the funniest guys I ever watched on screen. It’s not different in this flick. Steve takes an old Kung Fu classic and inserts new dialogue and action sequences.

It’s a spoof movie, and some parts are not well done. However, it’s truly creative. If you’re a fan of bad movies, or of movies making fun of bad movies, or spoofs, get this film.

It’s hit or miss, but for less than the cost of a ticket, I say get it.

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Open Thread!