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  • August 2005
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The Andrade Family Coat of Arms:


Keegan’s recap:

Other Marty and I were the only ones charging the windmills this week, and we lost by a very healthy margin. We did beat the defending champions, Team Anti-Strib, by a single question. (Update, team anti-strib were runners up last week to the KAR fellows).

My very presence was enough to scare away representative Duke Powell.

It was good talking to Mitch Berg, Douglas Bass, the Kevin Ecker, watercoolerwisdom and Andy from Residual Forces.

I think I might have freaked out Ecker and Andy at one point with a story about my college days and guns. Their almost stunned silence and immediate disapproval tells me what I did was wrong.

Which means it’s probably a good story to share with the rest of you people.

Our little group of conservatives at the U of M have always been big fans of the second amendment. In fact, I got the nickname “Shotgun” because I always had a shotgun in the back of my car as an underclassman.

This crew of conservatives was two things, edgy and “scary right.” We were always pushing the envelope and we fed off the disapproval of others.

When conceal and carry first came out, all of the crew were quick to start getting trained and getting their permits. However, not everyone waited for their permits before they started carrying on campus. I’ll even admit that I embellished the story when I told it to include me, but I didn’t carry without a permit ever, I never even had a handgun at the time. I was “shotgun” and that’s all I needed.

Mind you, the fact that some of us were carrying firearms or even had firearms on campus would have been enough to get us suspended or even kicked out of school. But the point of conceal and carry was to keep the guns concealed, so we didn’t get caught, but Other Marty did get a warning letter when he was featured on television with his gun.

One of the guys in the group, I’m not going to mention his name, did carry without a permit for a while. He later got his permit, and I think he only did it to freak everyone out. I just remember being in the Students for Family Values office in the Student Union, this person passing out guns (He always carried more than one) to all of us.

In fact, I remember one Campus Republican meeting where after the crew had gotten permits and were showing the rest of the group their conceal and carry items. It was a good time until we were leaving the room and I, always the last one out, noticed there was still a gun sitting on the counter in the room. Its owner was nowhere to be found.

So story doesn’t sound so bad without my “we were crazy” type embellishments, but I think you sort of get the picture. Hopefully Kevin and Andy weren’t too scared. Most of my stories are half BS anyway. Which really isn’t necessary, since the true parts of the stories are scary enough.

Other Marty’s post on Keegans is a must read:

The atmosphere was great. Plenty of tobacco products, alcohol, and right wing thoughts flowing through the patio. Can’t ask for much more in Minneapolis. I’m proud to say I walked right through the bar, puffing on my cigar, on the way out to my big American car.

It is no secret, my new favorite toy is the Library of Congress website where I’ve found a few historical gems. I’m hoping to figure out a good way to fully incorporate these items into the blog. Until then, I’ll keep posting the fascinating things out there, like this censorship card from Bob Hope’s stage days where his acts were deamed a little too suggestive. Of course, now you can get away with just about anything on stage.