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NCAA Ruling

I have precious few comments to give about the recent NCAA ruling banning college sports teams with Indian related nicknames and mascots. I think it’s stupid.

I wish I could just leave it at that.

This is a strange nation in which we live. The NCAA believes that names like “The Seminoles” is offensive and needs to be banned, but more horrifically stereotypical and offensive nicknames like “fighting Irish” are just fine.

It’s okay to be “The Athenians” (who knows who the hell they are anyway) but being called “The Utes” is just wrong. (Does anyone know who the Utes really are? Maybe some fans of football might know, but no one else would.)

Names that are still fine under the NCAA ruling, and I note some objections (under the same guise that they might be offensive) to each.

“Belles” (sexist)
“Black Knights” (Offensive to Monty Python fans)
“Blue Knights” (It’s okay to portray Europeans as violent)
“Blue Raiders” (Offensive to red raiders)
“Blue Rebels” (Offensive to depressed southerners)
“Bombers” (Offensive to victims of atomic bombings)
“Bonnies” (Sexist)
“Brewers” (Offensive to alcoholics)
“Britons” (Britons don’t even play football)
“Buccaneers” (Portrays Pirates as not criminals)
“Celtics” (Portrays Britons as violent)
“Celts” (Portrays Britons as lazy)
“Claim Jumpers” (Offensive to insurance salesmen)
“Clippers” (Anti-barber)
“Colonels” (Pro-military)
“Cowboys” (pro-American)
“Crusaders” (Anti-Christian)
“Deacons” (Anti-Catholic)
“Demon Deacons” (Anti-evil Catholic)
“Diplomats” (Anti-war)
“Dirtbags” (Anti-criminal)
“Dutchmen” (Pro-Dutch)
“Friars” (Anti-Inqusition)
“Gorillas” (Clearly speciesist and anti-jock)
“Gothic Knights” (Portrays anti-conformists in a positive light)
“Highlanders” (anti-Scot)
“Johnnies” (Anti-Jacks)
“Ladies” (Product of sexist patriarchal society)
“Leathernecks” (Pro Marine)
“Lords” (Anti-serf)
“Lumberjills” (Re-enforces sexist stereotypes)
“Mountaineers” (Anti-plains)
“Nads” (Phallic symbology)
“Norse” (Pro-Minnesotan)
“Oles” (Stereotypes Minnesotans)
“Pirates” (Offensive to Johnny Depp)
“Quakers” (Anti-Nixon)
“Roadrunners” (Anti-Roadrunner)
“Savages” (anti-Portuguese)
“Scots” (Anti-British)
“Spartans” (Anti-Athenian)
“Texans” (Pro-Bush)
“Tommies” (Pro-Gromacki)
“Trolls” (Anti-Danny Devito)
“Vandals” (Anti-Inner City Gang)
“Vulcans” (Anti-nerds)

So, if the Seminoles are Anti-Indian because a football team uses their name, then we all have a right to be offended at anything.

Nicknames found at http://www.smargon.net/nicknames/