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  • August 2005
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A funny thing happened at the radio station today…

This last show was quite an adventure. I’m told that you’re not supposed to talk about errors behind the scenes, but this stuff is too funny to keep under the rugs.

I showed up to the studio in St. Cloud a little later than I would have liked, but I needed a good breakfast. When I finally entered the studio, a hyper Tony Garcia was going crazy in the studio trying (and failing) to set up an ethernet router. I walked over to one of the production studios, and ran into our producer Tom the Bomb, who was just finishing up some of our bumpers.

I, feeling completely worthless, decided to photocopy some of our show prep for my own sinister usage. As I was walking around the building, I noticed that there was just a static sound going over the speakers. I walked over and checked the producer’s side of our studio and noticed that the lights are off, and none of the equipment appeared “on.”

I, not being an engineer, just assumed that any problem would have been noticed and that everything is fine. I think I spent the next half hour avoiding Tony and watching TV.

Of course, something was very wrong. 1450 KNSI was not on the air. Tony was told this by of the 104.7 FM jockeys. Tony had no idea what the lady was talking about, and got back to freaking out about the router.

Luckily, the jockey gets 1450 back on the air. At that point Tommy is done with the production studio and gets into the producer side of the glass at 1450. There is a problem. The power in the studio won’t turn on.

We call the Ox, and he’s not available.

After a healthy “freak out” period Ox gives us a ring. To turn on the studio, you have to make sure the light fixture on the left end of the studio is juggles around a little. Tommy Bomb did that and 1450 KNSI turned on.

My father, waiting around on the phone for his interview, regarded my conveyances with some humor. He told me that the light was causing a short and that the entire studio was wired in serial. In fact, this is quite an amatuerish set up. When I relayed to Ox what my father told me, about trying to fix the problem, he mentioned that he’d hate to mess around with something that works.

So, if the switch doesn’t work, grab that light fixture and jostle it around a bit.

I love radio.


2 Responses

  1. I have to defend Ox a bit. The parent company for years gave all the support to the 3 FM stations. During that time the AM side had to basically do McGyver on anything that happened in the studio. Now that they have a budget they have to un-McGyver everything a little at a time.

  2. I’m not attacking Ox at all, if he had the resources to get everything up to “code” I know he would. He obviously has interest in the studio as he himself broadcasts from there

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