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  • August 2005
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Open Thread!


6 Responses

  1. Just a little hint, those that use my open threads for awesome increase their chances for making “Da Roll”

  2. Tomorrow is the 60th anniversary of the Hiroshima Bombing. I’ll be spending the day dining in and watching a-bomb documentaries on cable. Now the only thing is I can’t decide if I should Barbecue my chicken Yakitori or cook it in the microwave.

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  4. Tommy is right, it is always fun watching idiots preach about how many people we killed 60 yrs ago. Not one word about how many we saved. Figure it would have taken 1,000,000 American casualities, and ten times that many Japanese to conquer the home islands.

    Liberals always were bad at math.

  5. Marty-

    Next time, try linking by using html code. It’s easy, just < a href=
    then quote marks, your website, close quote marks, >title< / a >

  6. I went to the Twins Game this friday with my roomate and his dad, and it was awesome.

    Twins get 12 runs and shut out the Red Sox, Radke finally doesn’t give up a home run to the lead off hitter.

    This might be a turning point for the Twins, and maybe they’ll actually make a go at staying competitive.

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