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  • August 2005
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Now to the important stuff–Baseball

This is your Captain speaking…

Rafael Palmeiro..Say it ain’t so! Another Latin ballplayer gets hit with a steroid drug suspension. There are so many drugs with unknown ingredients in the Latin American market that any ballplayer who uses anything not made in the USA is an idiot. Remember that the Twin’s Juan Rincon was hit with a suspension and said that he had never knowingly taken steroids. Except for the fact that almost all the major league players suspended for steroids have Latin names I would tend not to believe them. Smoke here, but I’m not sure there is fire. Could be, though.

Twins manage not to trade for anyone at the trading deadline. Guess GM Terry Ryan has decided that the Twins not only can’t catch the White Sox, they can’t compete with the Yankees and Red Sox either.

This is a rebuilding year anyway. Both Morneau and Mauer are really in their first full year, and Castro was just a stopgap until Bartlett learned to field.

This may not be a good idea, however. Jones is in the last year of his contract and the pitchers are getting old quickly. We do have some great arms at Rochester which means that the pitchers who are having difficulty this year may not be long for the Metrodome. Just a caution..great arms do not always make great pitchers (e.g. Kyle Lohse).

The loss of Torii Hunter may have made any trade moot anyway. His loss is much greater than just the loss of his glove and bat. He is the soul of this team, a big reason for fans to come out and watch.

In case you didn’t notice, the Twins have just added a new bat anyway. Justin Morneau has broken out of his slump and is knocking the cover off the ball.

Now Justin needs some help. The Twins have a bunch of guys at the .250 area, and we need a couple of them to start hitting like upper level players or the Twins will need to trade them out. Ford, Punto, Castro, Boone, and to some extent Cuddyer, I’m talking about you.

I’m afraid Terry Mulholland may be on his last few innings. His ERA has soared this year and he has been our most ineffective reliever. I’ll be sorry to see him go, but it has become a must. How many of our short starts have seen the starter leave with a small deficit and see it expand to something that cannot be overcome? Our short relief has been great. If the starter can get the game to Crain, Rincon and Nathan we have a good chance to win. If not we have had a lot of problems (and few wins, at least lately.)


Random Link o’ the Day:


The first real radio show.

This is your Captain speaking…

So it wasn’t your best. Who cares. It takes a lot of coordination with two on the mike, and to be smooth it takes a lot of practice. But practice alone just doesn’t hack it, you have to do it for real. Just be better next time.

The one segment I felt was really awkward was the Nebraska story. I thought there was a lot of talk circling around the crux of the story, but you never got the kernel that you needed. Quite simply, the guy got arrested because he was 21 and he had sex with a 13 year old. That is rape, even if it is consensual. The fact that he later married her when she turned up pregnant is beside the point. All the silly talk about taking pictures on your wedding night was just wasted time. If you take pictures of a 13 year old in the nude (male of female), that is child pornography, even if you are married to her (or him), if the pictures become public. It was a story that gets all wrapped up in the fact that they later got married, and that fact is irrelevant.

Your first segment about whether a person is insane or not would have been better served if you had a lawyer as a guest or at least had one call in. A guest would have been best. That way you would have been able to talk about the facts of the case with a legal definition of sanity rather than just sharing your opinions. Having said that, I’ll share Robert Heinlein’s opinion, which is in his book Starship Troopers. “Insane or not, once he is hanged at least we know that he will not do it again.”

One last thing. Never define the other’s position. At one time, Marty was trying to talk about Tony’s opinion about some subject. Tony should talk about Tony’s opinion. If Marty needs Tony’s position explained in order to refute (or maybe even support) it, Tony should articulate his point and then Marty can discuss it. That way each guy can defend his ideas with his own words, not relying on someone else’s way of expressing his ideas.

Please take these comments the way they are intended, just as an attempt to help you guys get better. See you next week!