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Post Show Thoughts

Certainly, this wasn’t the best show I or Tony have done, but it was sufficient. We hadn’t been on the air together since the KSTP gig, which was over 20 weeks ago, so we tripped over each other a little. Also, I’m still having problems with the station ID, it’s NEWSTALK 1450 KNSI, St. Cloud.

I also think some of the anonymous posters are a little over critical of Tony, we get the job done, and it’s nice to do a show with Tony because he thinks so completely different than I, it makes for some fun jousting. Next week is Cheri Yecke, be sure to tune in!


4 Responses

  1. You’re off to a good start, though I have to admit Tony lost me in the second hour as well. I would have liked you hear you go a little longer on ebonics, your best segment today.

    As you noted, you seemed to have the David Strom curse of technical difficulties. But I hereby raise your grade again to a B and will try to catch next week’s interview with C.P.Y.

  2. OK, a little behind the scenes action. Last night during our show prep our weakest segment looked to be Ebonics and Race. Our strongest one was the Nebraska story. Once the “On Air” light went on the chemistry and tension of diverging viewpoints disappeared and we became very clumsy.

    I direct the show for the most part so I will take the blame for it.

    Thanks for the upgrade. :)

  3. Just in case there’s any brothers or sisters out there who listened to the show today and didn’t quite understand it, here’s a copy of mart’s blog in ebonics so for you to digest: http://www.rinkworks.com/dialect/dialectp.cgi?dialect=jive&url=http%3A%2F%2Fmartinandrade.blogspot.com

    I have also posted this on my website where it is a clickable link at http://tommunism.blogspot.com have fun!

  4. That is AWESOME!

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