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Radio show is from 1-3pm today on 1450 KNSI in St. Cloud. If you’re not in the area, fear not, because you can listen in on the web:

KNSI Direct Link

Or you can get to that link at our show’s website.

Call in number is (320) 251-1990 for all you MOBsters.


6 Responses

  1. That is the worst lead in music ever.


  2. The show is awful. It has its moments, but Tony Garcia ruins it.

  3. Tony Garcia sucks. A lot. Hes such a moron. He gets mad at Marty for comparing brain development to that of dogs and then goes on to compare human development to rubberbands. What a moron. He also just called the 22 year old doing a 13 year old a “poor guy” what a dumbass

  4. Yeah it wasn’t a very good show but at least you got it under your belt.

  5. Tony Needs to talk faster. Marty, good job of cleaning up his stumbles. To bad he bitchslapped you for it. Unless that was a stunt. In which case, i suggest more bitchslappings.

  6. That the 2 anonymous people do not like me is proof that I’m doing what I set out to do. Thanks.

    Please e-mail me with your analysis of why you think it was not very good.

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