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Weekend reading:

I think someone might have stolen my “random link o’ the day” idea with a “Cool site o’ the day”

A fair list of the worst movies ever. I’ve seen most of these, and I own a lot of them.

This guy is awesome

Global Warming stuff.
I think that any curtails of emissions is a mistake, the key is Carbon sinks.

Sometimes the media can drive you batty.

Army has some asshat hacker problems I think if anyone had been injured because of this incident, this guy should be charged with attempted murder.

Big fight in the movie industry about who is going to pay for the new digital projectors. I think big studios are going to need to pay for it themselves, the last thing they need is to force theatre owners to raise ticket prices again. That would completely destroy their already piss poor numbers.

Space shuttle SOL

Kansas and Nebraska spar over child molestation, which state is more redneck

My love of bad movies is intolerable, here are all the “flubs” in”Plan 9. Also, look at the sidebar under “bargain bin movie reviews” for more of the fun I have with bad movies.

Google maps and stuff is awesome

Man charged in flashing his banana
. Keep it clean.

Dumb things you can do with money.

Pope laments loss of western church.

Abortion parade fun. 1st amendment need not apply.

Coke gets new coke to help people lose weight.
Yeah right.

Cool old car.

Open Thread! Kevin Ecker is gone until Monday, totally spam time.

Senate and Bush might spar over Stem Cells I’m backing Bush on this one.

Berlin prepares big brothel. I covered this in this blog last year, sorta, in Germany, if you’re a woman on unemployment, you have to take a job in a brothel if offered or else you lose unemployment. So it’s possible that many of the women in this brothel are being forced by the government (under the guise of church/state seperation) to have sex for money. Europe sucks.

Morris gets it right on Bush. I like how Democrats in D.C. are getting completely whipped by this Texas good ol’ boy.


3 Responses

  1. The Telegraph story on German women being forced into prostitution is probably not true. See: http://www.amptoons.com/blog/archives/2005/02/01/false-story-alert-women-in-germany-probably-not-being-forced-into-prostitution-by-welfare-state/

  2. Thanks strange anonymous person…

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