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Life just keeps chugging along,

Brian Edstrom actually posted some text, a lot of it, on bloggers. It’s more than I think he’s ever written (though methinks he’s cheating by putting up a class assignment).

Besides politics and news, blogs allow for the expression of one’s life. An apathetic blogger could write about the weather, his/her day, a “how to” on making delicious peanut butter jelly sandwiches, or whatever he/she wants. The content of a blog is not as important as the ability to write a blog. While specific content may make a blog more popular and increase traffic, the blog itself represents the freedoms the United States was founded upon.

Brian’s blog is a lot like what he describes: wastes time talking about the weather, how his day went, how unemployment drains your life, etc. His mom comments occasionally, surprisingly his mom and I agree all the time. That’s a little scary.

Doug Bass from Apprehension has a must read post (it’s short and to the point)

Finally, a report you’re not going to hear anywhere:

Air pollution down

This ain’t a story from CFACT neither, it’s from LiveScience.com

Using data from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the group found that the number of counties in which unhealthy air was recorded fell significantly for the first time in six years, to 390 from 441 in last year’s report. The new report covered 2001 to 2003, while the previous one analyzed pollution levels from 2000 to 2002.

The association attributed the dip to cool and wet weather in the years studied, government controls on Eastern coal-fired power plants and improved vehicle emissions standards. Areas of the Southeast accounted for much of the drop in pollution.

The story goes on to turn this news into bad news, but the point is there, the air is getting cleaner. It’s fact. What the kids call “empirical data.”


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  1. Yep I copied and pasted an assignment I did for computer ethics this past spring. Got an A on the paper somehow.

  2. Marty you should be scared – just ask Brian

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