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The only thing I want to add to my post about the Bush speech is something my father hinted to in the comments section of that post. It is the fact that Vietnam was not a military defeat, by all measures the U.S. was winning every engagement and were inflicting heavy casualties on the V.C. and North Vietnam regulars. The reason Vietnam became a quagmire was because of the failings of the civilian leadership (“Hey Hey LBJ, how many kids did you kill today”).

The lesson of Vietnam should be that we should never fight a war to tie. The lesson of Vietnam should be not to restrict bombing targets and mire the process in beauracracy. The lesson of Vietnam should be not to spend American lives without an obvious and open purpose.

Bush (and his team) have learned the lessons of Vietnam. The opening moments of the war were a series of precision guided bombs targeting Saddam. This never happened in Vietnam, there were no attempts to kill the North Vietnam leadership, Ho Chi Minh and Co.

Bush then went to war on the ground, and with precision the country of Iraq fell, with very few civilian or allied casualties. In the aftermath, attention was focused on all the characters in the Iraq’s most wanted card deck, and most of them were captured. Since then, we’ve assisted the Iraqis in forming a government and holding an election, we have trained a bunch of security forces (160,000 of them).

Not bad for 27 months of operations.

The only way to turn this event in our history to defeat is to listen to the likes of Senator Ted Kennedy, or to listen to Howard Dean. If we do that, remove our troops from the region, we leave Iraq defenseless, and chaos is likely to follow. If we allow that, we run the risk of turning Iraq into another Iran or Syria. If we did that, if we allowed that to happen, we condemn that region to further strife, and we invalidate the military sacrifices we have already made in Iraq.

The only road to victory for the terrorists is through the Democratic Party.

This is a test of fortitude. We cannot crumble under this pressure. If we show any weakness, we only invite further attacks on U.S. civilians. Ted Kennedy and Co are trying to reward terrorism. Let’s not allow that to happen.


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  1. The only way the Democrats can get away with their statements about the war is to have the MSM support their positions rather than challenge them.

    The MSM will never do this because they do not know enough aboutwhat we are trying to do. Paula Zahn kept criticising the use of 9-11 in the speech, claiming that Bush was using that event as a reason we are fighting Saddam. Guys, we are not fighting Saddam any more. Just what do they think that Mission Accomplished scene on the aircraft carrier was all about. We accomplished that mission; we defeated Saddam. Even then, before he was captured, he was out of commission. But we were still in Iraq, and our mission changed, as it has after every war when we have occupied the territory of the enemy. We had to run the country to the benefit of the civilian population of that country until a new government could be formed.

    Needless to say, we have had some problems with this new mission. We now have a new enemy, the enemy of order in the country. The people who are our new enemy are not the same as our old ones; the army of Saddam is gone. Some of them are still conducting a guerrila campaign, but they are not the major threat, terrorists are. And who are the terrorists? Exactly right, the same old terrorists who attacked us in ’93 in New York, throughout the ’90s all over Africa, in our homeland on 9/11/01, and in Afganistan. The (mostly) non-Iraqui terrorists in Iraq are just now concentrated where we can fight them and not put our own civilian population at risk. We are fighting them where they cannot afford to lose; if the terrorists lose in Iraq they will lose in Iran and Syria and Saudi Arabia and eventually in Israel. Iraq is now an ugly rat hunt,a hard and dangerous mission that is strategic in scope. And, thank God, it is not here.

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