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I listened to a portion of the Bush speech (text) today on the radio, and by the wonderment of technology, I checked an AP article from the interent available on my cell phone. I don’t have any immediate reactions.

Well, I do.


That’s my genius reaction to the Bush speech. I would even add a “well” to the front of that, but that would be overanalysis.

It’s tough rebuilding a nation…Duh

We must stay the course or we’ll plunge Iraq into chaos…Duh

It’s tough training people to fight terrorists…Duh

Saddam was evil…Duh.

Jay Leno isn’t funny…Duh

There was nothing in the speech earth-shattering. I’m glad he gave it, but I found it superflous. All you need to show someone like me is the terrorist/insurgent body count compared to voter turnout. Voter turnout was around 70%, there are thousands of dead bastards.

Case made.

I’ll try to sleep on the speech and see if there’s anything more worth analyzing, but I doubt it.


2 Responses

  1. The worst thing about the speech was that Bush had to give it. He has been beat-up so badly by the unthinking classes (libs and the MSM) that the rest of the country had to be reminded that we do have a rational withdrawal plan (victory), that there is a reason we are over there, (fight the terrorists in Iraq rather than in middle America) and that most Americans do appreciate what our troops do and that the sacrifices they make to keep our country secure are worth it.

    So a big audienceThat last statement is something they need
    to know; it is the biggest thing we did not have in Viet Nam and that lack of support for our men and women in uniform (they did not start the war and were really against the way it was being waged) had severe consequences in morale and combat readiness for 20 years. It was R. Reagan and the victory in the cold war and the Gulf that gave our armed forces their groove back.

    So a big target for the Pres are the troops. There is a reason that the speech was given at Ft. Bragg. Ft. Bragg is the home of both the Green Berets and Delta Force, which are our force multipliers worldwide. Our Airborn Corps is headquatered there, as is the 82d Airborn Division.They were a great audience for Bush, and his support and affection for them were evident.

    The American public had to see that, and it had to be reminded that we are really in a war. Everything is not just partisan politics, even though the libs seem to react that way. Once again we are in a war that we can lose only at home, not in the field. (there was not a single major battle in Viet Nam that resulted in a military defeat for the forces of the United States, not one)

    We need to stay the course. Bush just reminded us of that fact. His consistency is vital, as is the support of the American people, for without the people our army cannot be victorious in a lasting, meaningful way. It was an important speech.

  2. Yes, “duh” for everything that was said. Sadly the left cannot see past ideology and thus have blinded themselves from seeing the necessities of war.

    He would not have had to give this speech if the media would stop trying to bash him relentlessly.

    He would not have had to give this speech if the left knew what objectivity was.

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