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Dan Cohen’s reaction to my last column:

Dan Cohen, author of “Anonymous Source” and Minneapolis resident noticed and gave positive feedback on my column on the Newsweek story about the desecration of the Quran. Column available at:


Cohen mentions:

Your Wednesday, May 25, column was right on the money. I thought you might enjoy my take on anonymous sources, since I was one, as described in my book, Anonymous Source, as well as in the United States Supreme Court case on which the book is based, Cohen v. Cowles Media.I have been trying– with no success– to get the Minneapolis paper to print my take on the Newsweek flap

He goes on to talk about the Newsweek issue:

As an anonymous source, I have no reservations in granting that an anonymous source who gives false information is just as bad as a journalist who outs a source who gives valid and truthful information. Both deserve to be dragged into court and slapped with punitive damages.

The media can’t seem to sort it out or set a standard that works– so let’s get some laws on the books and get the courts and American juries to do it.

Cohen then quotes New Republic columnist Michael Peretz’s reaction to the MSM’s coverage of the Newsweek story:

…what emerges from this episode is the image of a profession that is complacent, self-righteous, and hopelessly in love with itself. Is this a terrible generalization? Well, there are 17 people who lost their lives because of the state of journalistic practice at a U.S. magazine. When American journalists do not think of themselves as heroes, they think of themselves as victims: but here they are neither. They are– I mean Isikoff and his editors– simply scavengers.

Cohen earned his fame (infamy?)from a gubernatorial race where he leaked some documents about an opponent on the condition of anonymity, and that was ignored, he later won his case at the Supreme Court, so he has some issues when dealing with journalists. He is rightly frustrated with the handling by the MSM of this Newsweek issue, and he thinks the anonymous source should come to justice as well as Isikoff and the characters at Newsweek.

He’s right.

I will be reading Mr. Cohen’s book about his struggles with the media as soon as it arrives.

Scott Brooks read the book and he recommends it.

About Dan Cohen:


Where to buy:


It’s also available on Amazon.

I will post on some of the other, more negative reactions to my column later.


4 Responses

  1. A joint review of the books of Dan Cohen and Elliot Rothenberg (his lawyer) is on the way at SwanBlog.

    I recommended to Dan that he start a blog. Since the daily newspapers won’t print his stuff after he beat them in court, he needs an outlet.

  2. The documents Cohen “leaked” were public arrest records of the DFL candidate for lieutenant governor. Anyone could have gotten them from the courthouse.

  3. I should start charging you for all the advertising of Swanblog you do on my site.


  4. I believe the term is “trolling.” Not that effective since I don’t know how to program html, so the link is right there.

    BTW, the Cohen review is up on SwanBlog.

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