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Wow, I’m still a little high from that Jonah Goldberg event, and so is the blogosphere:

Pinkmonkeybird has a post where he mentions the live blogging of Banterings that I’d highly suggest reading, his blog looks good too, I might add him to my links list. Jonah Goldberg himself reflected on the event where he also mentioned this little tidbit:

I also shudder to think what I will do to the kid from CFact who was supposed to drive me to the airport this morning but slept through his alarm leaving me stranded — should I ever encounter him again.

His name is AS, Jonah I got his number if you’d like to talk to him.

James Lileks was also at the event (I discuss my abusings of that nice man in the audio post below) and he posted about it here. [That’s not a permanent link, sorry]. Lileks notes:

Blogging has ruined public social events. Now you have to begin by asking “anyone blogging this?” which is like lining up the wait staff at the Stork Club and asking which one is going to phone Winchell tonight. Then you have to request that certain lines of conversation are off the record – in a bar! A bar, with Prince music playing at levels that would liquefy gorilla prostates at fifty paces. No one can hear anything. Finally, you have to leave the party early to write the blog entry, which consists of coy remarks about all the wonderful things you can’t reveal.

I guess I can reveal some of what went on, but Aaron Solem gets an “F” Bomb out of Jonah (who was slightly inebriated at the time) in this audio post.

Mr. Goldberg, thanks for the awesome event, and a big thank you to all the people who showed up. It was awesome.


3 Responses

  1. Poor Aaron. That’s gotta be embarrassing.
    I agree; this event was tremendous. It definitely gave me the good clues I need to, as Jonah urges, “make good arguments” with tree huggers.
    Apparently, Aaron tried to “make good arguments” to roll out of bed this morning, but the bed won.

  2. Wow, I must be an old geezer. I did’nt understand half of what you said….

  3. is that my writing, PMB’s post, or the audio post where I’m inebriated?

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