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College Republican nonsense:

My friend and co-host of Race to Right Tony Garcia has been having some fun with certain nameless comment leavers on his website.

Let me just say that I always sign everything I write. I don’t do any anonymously posting or blogging. Sorry if this is a little in right field, but everytime an anonymous anti-Hoplin blog comes up, some CR hack accuses the author of being me. You can read about what I really think of Eric Hoplin here.


Bargain Bin Movie Review

Warning from Space

AKA The Cosmic Man Appears in Tokyo.


Location: Best Buy

Price: $5.99 (included two other films, “Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet” and “Assignment: Outer Space”)

This beauty had my name written all over it. First we had the terrible costumes of space aliens that were shaped like starfish. Starfish that had a giant fluorescent eye smack dab in the middle of their bodies, and they had no arms or usable appendages, so they were psychic. Second, there were the state of the art special effects, like the gold spray painted cardboard that made up the space aliens’ fleet. Third, there was the completely unbelievable plot. Let’s see, a planet from another galaxy that is sort of like a star in the sense that it is really hot, is coming straight at Tokyo. An alien race (those starfish Cyclops things) is trying to warn the world, but everyone just freaks out whenever they see these guys (Doesn’t anyone own an aquarium?) so that the starfish people have to morph into really almost semi-attractive Japanese s to get old nutty scientists to notice them. On top of all that, the film was dubbed into English.

The best part about this film is that it was a serious effort. The acting is that of deep drama and intensity. The special effects are used a tremendous amount (strangely enough, the effects even get better as the movie goes on). The viewer even begins to share concern with the characters as their acting careers end tragically.

But alas, this movie is terrible. During one scene (the “Panic Scene”) people are seen fleeing Tokyo for no reason whatsoever. There are images of people jumping off moving trains, the police chief of Tokyo decides to have the city evacuated. It’s an illogical order as the Earth is being threatened by A PLANET, moving away from Tokyo is not going to help much. In fact, after the one eyed aliens make contact with the Japanese scientists, the viewer spends the rest of the film completely confused. The aliens come and go as they please, only appearing when really, really necessary. But, thankfully (spoiler ahead) everything turns out fine, except for the millions of people killed by heat stroke and panic.

I highly recommend that you go out right now to Best Buy and get this movie. Mainly because, though I’ve never met you, I probably don’t like you.

If you go into the sitemeter for this blog, and click on visitors over the last week, you’ll notice that almost 110 people visited this blog on Monday of this week. As this blog normally gets about 10 visitors a day, I’d like it if someone would tell me what’s going on, and who are all these people reading these irreverencies?

Slow news day:

Southpark conservatives:

Global Warming proven true, no one cares:

Thanks to spammers, Trackback is dead:

It has been killed by spam and by spammers – by the sheer horror of ping after ping pushing mother/son incest and links. It has been killed by the exploitation of human beings quite prepared to desecrate the work of tens of thousands of people in order that they should scrabble together a few coins. It has been killed by the experience of an inbox overwhelmed by the automated of our creative endeavours.

In a way it should have been predictable from the beginning – we should probably all have spotted that functionality that allows individuals to place links on other people’s sites could be exploited by spammers. Some people did spot these problems, but even they had no sense of the scale. Their responses were – at best – muted. But now I think we have to accept that the evidence is in. The situation is clear and it is not good. We’re engaged in an arms race with the worst kind of people, an arms race that has raged across other communications media and which we show no sign of winning. For me, the negative experience of dealing with trackbacks has long-since overwhelmed the benefits it brings. For these reasons, I’m turning off all incoming Trackbacks on plasticbag.org from this moment on.

Ebay is selling an X-wing fighter from the Star Wars movie, for more information read:


Finally, here is a permalink for the Lileks post on Jonah Goldberg.

Another event coming up:

CFACT, the fiscally conservative environmental group that brought in Jonah Goldberg a few days ago is having another event. IT’s our semi-annual clean the river and BBQ event. It is this Friday [i.e. tommorrow] April 29th from 3pm until 6pm. At three we’re going to work our way down the river shore from the river flats just behind Coffman Union, we adopted about 2 miles of river shoreline from the DNR, but only about half that is accessible. CFACT provides gloves and garbage bags, and we’ll have some waterless hand sanitizers and whatnot there. At about 4-4:30 we’ll start off the BBQ, you can bring your own delights, but we’ll also have plenty of foodstuffs. We’ll also bring down a frisbee, a horseshoes set, football and baseball mits and gloves for some after dinner festivites.

All are welcome. Here’s a map that will get you close, it’s a map to a parking garage, if you go directly south from the parking garage you will see the river flats where we’ll be, look for the grill. There is also parking available down by the flats.

Random Link o’ the Day:


Random Link o’ the Day:


Random Link o’ the Day:


Random Link o’ the Day:


Wow, I’m still a little high from that Jonah Goldberg event, and so is the blogosphere:

Pinkmonkeybird has a post where he mentions the live blogging of Banterings that I’d highly suggest reading, his blog looks good too, I might add him to my links list. Jonah Goldberg himself reflected on the event where he also mentioned this little tidbit:

I also shudder to think what I will do to the kid from CFact who was supposed to drive me to the airport this morning but slept through his alarm leaving me stranded — should I ever encounter him again.

His name is AS, Jonah I got his number if you’d like to talk to him.

James Lileks was also at the event (I discuss my abusings of that nice man in the audio post below) and he posted about it here. [That’s not a permanent link, sorry]. Lileks notes:

Blogging has ruined public social events. Now you have to begin by asking “anyone blogging this?” which is like lining up the wait staff at the Stork Club and asking which one is going to phone Winchell tonight. Then you have to request that certain lines of conversation are off the record – in a bar! A bar, with Prince music playing at levels that would liquefy gorilla prostates at fifty paces. No one can hear anything. Finally, you have to leave the party early to write the blog entry, which consists of coy remarks about all the wonderful things you can’t reveal.

I guess I can reveal some of what went on, but Aaron Solem gets an “F” Bomb out of Jonah (who was slightly inebriated at the time) in this audio post.

Mr. Goldberg, thanks for the awesome event, and a big thank you to all the people who showed up. It was awesome.