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Abortion Data:


The good news? Abortion rates are down.

Just when you thought the thong craze was over, now they’re putting them into vending machines:


You’re out on the town having a great time and you run into sexy Mr. Right, or at least Mr. Right Now. Things between you two are progressing nicely, when a flash hits you: In the rush to get out of the house, you threw on your ugliest pair of girdle-like panties. That’s sure to throw ice on the erotic heat should things really get going.

But now you have an option, at least if you live in Stuttgart. Thanks to an idea by Ulrike Brucher, a businesswoman who owns a local lingerie shop, women in these emergency situations can pop into the ladies’ room, drop €6 (about $7.70) into a vending machine, and emerge wearing a slinky thong. It will not only do away with pesky panty lines, it’ll ensure that at the critical moment, the erotic charge won’t be short circuited.

Jeeze, how shallow are the guys in Europe? “Ohmigod, you’re wearing granny panties, I’m leaving”

Real Prophets play golf:


LONDON – An 1892 book that predicted bullet trains, driverless golf carts, televisions and digital watches sold for 1,200 pounds ($2,240) at auction on Saturday.

Its author, Scottish professional golfer Jack McCullogh, also predicted women would start dressing like men and do all the work while the menfolk took to the golf courses full-time.
His little-known book, “Golf in the Year 2000 or What Are We Coming To” by McCullogh under the pseudonym J.A.C.K., was bought by James Espinola, an American collector of golf memorabilia.

This book is a cross between Nostradamus and the tale of Rip van Winkle because the main character goes to sleep on March 24, 1892, and wakes up on March 25, 2000, to find all these amazing changes,” spokesman Philip Gregory of auction house Lyon & Turnbull in Edinburgh said before the sale.

Driverless golf carts became a reality in the 1980s, Japan’s bullet train went into operation in 1964 and digital watches were all the rage in the 1970s.

McCullogh even predicted international team golf competitions like the Ryder Cup which was first played in 1927.

Copyright 2005 Reuters Limited

Good luck finding another copy of that.

Robot Does Surgery:


It is the rare surgery that lures onlookers to the operating room window and commands the rapt attention of the cancer center’s medical director.

But that’s what happened last week when 75-year-old Edwin Carlson became Sutter General Hospital’s first patient to go under the, well, four-armed robot.

For several hours the massive piece of machinery pulled and prodded, cut, cauterized and stitched until Carlson’s diseased prostate gland was safely out of his body.

The robot wasn’t acting alone. A Los Angeles-area surgeon with expertise in robot-assisted prostatectomy sat at a console several feet away operating its arms. Like a conductor directing a symphony, his flittering hands maneuvered tiny instruments that had been inserted through small incisions in Carlson’s abdomen.

The surgeon’s delicate movements were translated by the robot’s arms, which looked like a giant tarantula crawling above the anesthetized patient.

This was predicted nearly fifty years ago by my favorite science fiction writer, Robert Heinlein. Ih his book “Waldo Inc.” a reclusive millionaire uses machines called “waldos” [Named for the recluse] to work at the smallest levels. He uses his waldos to make smaller waldos, thus getting more and more tinyinity to his tininess.

Here Ye Here Ye, Smoking good for you:


Tobacco may have at least one virtue – that of providing some protection
against the onset of Parkinson’s disease.

Researchers at the Karolinska Institute, Sweden’s leading medical research
centre, have looked at the medical and death records of sets of Swedish twins in
which one smoked and the other did not.

“Many studies have shown a protective effect of cigarette smoking on
Parkinson’s disease,” said the study.

The study was published online this month by the Annals of Neurology.

Woot Woot!

There are two television talk show hosts that routinely make me laugh. One is Conan O’Brian, the other died today at the age of 79.


Johnny Carson,

We’ll miss thee.

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