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Good News:

“NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – Depressed men and women who consider themselves affiliated with a religion are less likely to attempt suicide than their non-religious counterparts, according to new study findings. “If someone acknowledges being religious, all else being equal, they are at lower risk to act on suicidal thoughts than someone who does not acknowledge religious affiliation,” study co-author Dr. Maria A. Oquendo told Reuters Health. Further, she added, “it does not appear to make a difference what religion they state their affiliation for.” Previous research has shown that religious countries tend to have lower rates of suicide than secular nations. Studies have also shown that a higher degree of religious commitment is associated with less suicidal behavior.
In the current study, Oquendo and her colleagues at Columbia University in New York City examined the influence of religious affiliation on suicide attempt in a study of 371 depressed inpatients at a psychiatric institute. About half of the study participants had attempted suicide at least once in their lifetime. “

Maybe psychology will stop ignoring the role of religion in society.


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