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I’m on the home stretch here, both in school and for my radio show. Very exciting.

Hope everyone enjoyed their Turkey.

Yesterday I tried out a few resteraunts on Grand Avenue in St. Paul, first was a Japanese dinner at Saji Ya (695 Grand). Quite frankly, the food is way too expensive, and wasn’t all that good. It wasn’t bad, and the portions were healthy, but it was not cost effecient.

Afterwards, we went to Dixies. It’s a southern themed resteraunt in the same building as Saji Ya. We only had dessert, and it was a mighty fine dessert. I had a pumpkin walnut cheesecake concoction that was very rich but good and filling. Their Pecan pis is good, and they have excellent bread pudding. My advice, skip the regular menu, and go with dessert.


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Just to prove I’m not the only ubergeek in my family, here is my younger brother’s website:

Don’t be too harsh, it’s his first attempt at a webpage.

Went to see “National Treasure” yesterday, and don’t beleive the bad reviews, this was a good movie. Go see it.

Now, some scary stuff:

Human/Animal hybrids:

” In Minnesota, pigs are being born with human blood in their veins.
In Nevada, there are sheep whose livers and hearts are largely human.
In California, mice peer from their cages with human brain cells firing inside their skulls.
These are not outcasts from “The Island of Dr. Moreau,” the 1896 novel by H.G. Wells in which a rogue doctor develops creatures that are part animal and part human. They are real creations of real scientists, stretching the boundaries of stem cell research.
Biologists call these hybrid animals chimeras, after the mythical Greek creature with a lion’s head, a goat’s body and a serpent’s tail. They are the products of experiments in which human stem cells were added to developing animal fetuses.”

I’ll just recommend you read “The Island of Dr. Moreau” and “Frankenstien”

Search for the Holy Grail continues:

“For 250 years, the cryptic inscription has exercised the minds of Britain’s finest theologians, historians and scientists, including Charles Darwin, Josiah Wedgwood and, most recently, the Second World War code-breakers of Bletchley Park.
But an anonymous American researcher was credited yesterday with the best stab yet at what the letters D.O.U.O.S.V.A.V.V.M. – carved on the Shepherd’s Monument at Lord Lichfield’s Shugborough estate in Staffordshire – might actually signify.
The answer appears to be “Jesus (As Deity) Defy””

Actually, that sounds kinda boring.

Earlier I told everyone about silver nanoparticles, now there’s gold street signs for your colon:

“IN an Australian first, men are having tiny grains of gold inserted into their prostates to help doctors treat their cancer.Three pieces of 24-carat gold, similar in size to a grain of rice, are inserted into the prostate using an ultrasound probe through the rectum.
A trial of 10 men is under way at the Ballarat-Austin Radiation Oncology Centre in Victoria with results expected in a year.
Consultant radiation oncologist Andrew See said while the procedure was not pleasant, men were happy to suffer a little pain if it made their cancer treatment safer.
The gold acts like a global positioning device to allow doctors to target the prostate with radiation more accurately than before.”

Wow, who thought of that one?

Chicago is selling off all its old crap trying to balance their budget:

I, the expert antiquer and nutty collector, found nothing of interest in any of the items being sold. They had some old street signs, chunks of rock, women’s clothing, and parking meters. You’d be better off spending your money at thinkgeek.com [http://www.thinkgeek.com/index.shtml]

Some dude is out to destroy Coca Cola:

Good luck…idiot

Another story on Chicago’s sale:

I need less free time…

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

A few things before I decide to get up and eat more turkey,

Some peeps trying to to ban the Declaration of Independence:

“Steven Williams, a fifth-grade teacher at Stevens Creek School in the San Francisco Bay area suburb of Cupertino, sued for discrimination on Monday, claiming he had been singled out for censorship by principal Patricia Vidmar because he is a Christian.
“It’s a fact of American history that our founders were religious men, and to hide this fact from young fifth-graders in the name of political correctness is outrageous and shameful,” said Williams’ attorney, Terry Thompson.
“Williams wants to teach his students the true history of our country,” he said. “There is nothing in the Establishment Clause (of the U.S. Constitution) that prohibits a teacher from showing students the Declaration of Independence.”
Vidmar could not be reached for comment on the lawsuit, which was filed on Monday in U.S. District Court in San Jose and claims violations of Williams rights to free speech under the First Amendment.
Phyllis Vogel, assistant superintendent for Cupertino Unified School District, said the lawsuit had been forwarded to a staff attorney. She declined to comment further.
Williams asserts in the lawsuit that since May he has been required to submit all of his lesson plans and supplemental handouts to Vidmar for approval, and that the principal will not permit him to use any that contain references to God or Christianity.
Among the materials she has rejected, according to Williams, are excerpts from the Declaration of Independence, George Washington’s journal, John Adams’ diary, Samuel Adams’ “The Rights of the Colonists” and William Penn’s “The Frame of Government of Pennsylvania.””

First meteorite photographed at impact:

Meteorite just the beginning, triangle UFOs to take over:

“(Nov. 18) — Eyewitnesses all over the country are reporting glimpses of something large, dark and mysterious in the skies above big cities and busy highways. The crafts are often described as triangular in shape, silent in their movements, and of unknown origin, and they’ve been seen here in southern Nevada. It looks like these mystery craft might be a secret military project, but if so, why are they flying around in the open? “

I love Thanksgiving, God Bless everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

I’m stuffed, sitting at home with the fam just stuffed. Luckily the computer runs, here’s some cool stuff:

A rare penis update, now your member can sport a tie:

“BELGRADE, Serbia (Wireless Flash) — A Serbian tie-maker hopes to create a buzz with a new line of ties that are meant to wind around a man’s penis instead of his neck. Neven Vrgoc says men should wear the private part decorations to “create a good impression on a first date” — but he also expects women to buy them for men when they’ve been totally satisfied in bed. According to ananova.com, the designer expects to have the line of ties in stores by Christmas.”

Dolphins still friends, despite Andrade grill disaster of ’02:

““They started to herd us up, they pushed all four of us together by doing tight circles around us,” Howes told the New Zealand Press Association (NZPA).
Howes tried to drift away from the group, but two of the bigger dolphins herded him back just as he spotted a 9-foot great white shark swimming towards the group.
“I just recoiled. It was only about 2 meters (6 feet) away from me, the water was crystal clear and it was as clear as the nose on my face,” Howes said.
“They had corralled us up to protect us,” he said.”

And in the scary technology advancement section…

New badge stops cameras:

“The “privacy protection system” being developed by Hewlett-Packard will allow the publicity-shy to transmit an infrared signal to any nearby compatible camera. Once activated, the camera’s software will automatically blur beyond recognition the face of anybody wearing the badge, New Scientist magazine reports.
The threat of being caught on a concealed webcam may also be reduced with technology developed by the Japanese inventors Hiromi Someya and Toshiki Ishino of Kanagawa which fuzzes out anyone caught in the shot.”

Clothing keeps itself clean:

“Clemson University researchers say they have created a coating that can be integrated into virtually any fabric, allowing dirt to be released when water is applied.
The patented coating allows clothing to be cleaned simply by spraying with water or wiping with a damp cloth and reduces the number of cleanings required.”

The things you can do with silver nanoparticles…

Can of worms opened:


My latest column is on the College Republican scandal.

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