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Radio Show, 2-4pm am1570 The Patriot II…..TODAY

Also, you know something is wrong when Christina Aguilara calls you “trashy”:


“Christina Aguilera has branded Britney Spears’ wedding to Kevin Federline as “trashy, pathetic and low rent”

Long necked sea-monster:


“Scientists on Thursday announced the fossil discovery of a very odd creature that swam the oceans 230 million years ago.

It looked sort of like a dinosaur, but actually was another type of reptile.”

Some tech news, they have nano bots that can kill bacteria:


“The researchers thought that by combining a chemical structure called a quarternary ammonium salt group, known for its ability to disrupt cell membranes and cause cell death, with a hydrocarbon diacetylene, which can change colors when appropriately formulated, the resulting molecule would have the desired properties of both biosensor and biocide”


Ford goes bio-tech:


“The 2005 DB9 contains the first onboard neural network in an engine control module. Unlike traditional computer systems that need to be programmed for each step, neural networks are programs modeled on the way human brains learn and adapt. The DB9’s module keeps tabs on engine combustion performance with a sophisticated software program that compares actual engine performance to the design specifications. ”

Someone has been watching too much Star Trek, a neural net? Isn’t that what made Data “Alive”? And do we really need our cars thinking for us?

Actually, the way most people drive, probably.

Japanese cell phone ringer makes women’s breasts bigger:


Somehow I doubt it

Anyway, be sure to enjoy some Twinkies while you can, they’re going out of business quick:


And finally, there really is a code to those boxes of chocolate candies women pretend to like:


“Here’s a list of selected candies comparing the old codes with those of two present-day firms, Chicago-based Fannie May and Massachusetts-based Fanny Farmer. (And no, I am not going to speculate on why candy makers tend to be named Fanny. I’ve got enough problems already.)(UC = universal code; FM = Fannie May; FF = Fanny Farmer)

Vanilla cream–UC, round with “V” on top; FM, round with straight line; FF, round with single “arrow”

Chocolate cream–UC, round with open “C” on top; FM, round with 2 curved lines (light inside); FF, round with 2 straight lines (dark inside)

Cherry cordial–UC, round with closed “C”; FM, round with circular hieroglyphic; FF, round with closed “C”

Vanilla caramel–UC, square with “V” on top; FM, square with straight line; FF, square with V-like zigzags

Peppermint–UC, round, flat, unmarked; FM, round, flat, wavy stripes; FF, discontinued

Nougat–UC, rectangle, straight line; FM, rectangle, straight line; FF, rectangle, 1 or 2 straight lines

Orange cream–UC, round with “O” on top; FM, oval, slanted “Hostess cupcake” swirls; FF, oval with narrow zigzags

Shredded coconut–UC, not listed; FM, round, wide zigzags; FF, round, lumpy, one arrow

Marshmallow–UC, not listed; FM, square with 2 or 4 “peaks”; FF, round with random peak pattern”

Now you can eat all the good ones, and give all the bad ones as long as you buy more than one box, which I do anyway.


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