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  • July 2004
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I like how the most interesting reactions to the Dem convention in Boston this week has been the balloon swearing guy. I also like the fact that all those anti-Bush stickers and buttons, from a distance, actually look like Bush paraphernalia. There are other things that talking heads talk about, but I need sleep.


100…this is my one hundreth post in this blog.  I was kinda hoping for something special, something with lots of bang, like a revealing, breaking news item. 

But that wouldn’t be MartyEmailesque.

Instead, I bring you the tale of scientists on a mission to save our forgotten crappy recordings


“Queen Victoria, Abraham Lincoln, Florence Nightingale and other characters from history may soon be able to speak again, as scientists perfect techniques to recover the sound from recordings that are far too delicate to be played.

Unconfirmed rumours abound that Abraham Lincoln even made a recording during the Civil War in 1863. “

I think that is one of the niftiest stories this year.  But then again, that’s just the geek in me.

PSA, I’m now moving all my political blogging to a new blog, http://martinandrade.blogspot.com/ 

This will allow me to use MartyEmail Goes Blog for what it is supposed to be, the supplement (and possible replacement?) of the MartyEmail, the greatest email ever.  So, on to irrverence and all that is non-unstupid in this world:

Like Rabbits the size of small children. http://www.local6.com/news/3547722/detail.html
Seriously, that’s a big rabbit.    It’s 27 pounds, and nearly 4 feet in length.  It could feed a family of four for a week!

Also, I was just noticing something.  If you look closely at Jay Leno’s hands, you’ll notice a lot of unusual scarring that they try to cover up with makeup, and I had no idea how Jay got those scars, but I remembered seeing scars just like those on MartyEmail shadow editor Dana Woods when he worked at Mike’s in and out oil change.  Leno is a huge classic car enthusiast.  And that’s proof the guy works on his own cars along with his hired help.  Too bad the guy ain’t funny.

I’ll just say it, despite the fact that winter’s cold, summer sucks.

Golf is still cool.