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  • June 2004
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I might now have changed my mind about abortions. A recent Drudge report headline shows that more and more women are having late term abortions if their babies have mild defects such as cleft palate or hand/foot abnormalities. I say why not, if your baby isn’t perfect, I say go ahead and abort it. “What, the baby will have red hair? let’s abort it” “Hey, our baby is going to be at risk to be obese, we don’t want a fat kid, abort that bastard.”

Read the article here: http://www.drudgereport.com/flash4.htm

In fact, this will give us a new class of citizens, I call them SHAT-Bastards [Should Have Aborted That Bastard]. I’m a victim here, I was born with a genetic code that put me at the risk for obesity, I’m going to sue my parents for not aborting me. It’ll be a SHAT-Bastard lawsuit where anyone who isn’t perfect or close to it will sue their parents, or demand a pay out from the government.

Hell, we’re in the right here, if you can abort a baby if you’re poor, why not help a SHAT-Bastard out and abort them if they might be poor too. And just think, the babies that are born from now on can be expected to be perfect. No more below average thinkers, no more weaklings, wouldn’t that just be utopia? Come on America, abort that baby.

And to make sure that those people who do not believe in abortion rights don’t bother you, we’ll make laws that you don’t have to be exposed to opinions that contradict your own, just like they’re starting to do on the British Isles: http://news.scotsman.com/uk.cfm?id=614552004

We’ll make sure that those nutty extremists that dare disagree with the right of a woman to kill their unborn baby can’t get their hateful mail delivered.

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