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Well,a few things on the lighter side of thinigs, I did make two Finals edition MNDaily articles, one is with Mr. Dyer: http://www.mndaily.com/articles/2004/05/07/9664

Another is more interesting, I’m “Walter Androjenee” in the following article:

What’s funny about this article is that it appear to have been done by someone who had access to the letters@mndaily email account, the email account that you send letters to the editor. I wrote a letter about three weeks ago, that wasn’t published, where I listed a bunch of Daily columnists. Some of tose columnists had admitted to being communist, like Diana Fu, others held positions congruent with Marxism. So after I listed the crew, I asked the simple question “How many Goddamned communists do you have working there?”

This is quoted in the article nearly word for word in thte second paragrph:

Using grant funding from the Department of Fatherland Security, the Justice Department and unnamed offices at Number One Observatory Circle, My Newspaper? CEO Shane Heffer assigned an investigative reporter to find out: “How many goddamned communists do you have working there?”

I should complain, but hey, it’s still a good question. Last week in the editorial section the Daily admitted it had been doing students a disservice by being so one sided, where conservatives were left to a small portion of the letters section and the occasional guest columnist. Apparently they are trying to make the op/ed section more fair.

I say pick up a copy of the Minnesota Patriot instead.

The last time I applied to the Daily, I actually knew the editor. She was a conservative, and had actually been the pointman for an SFV event. She told me that she looked for a diverse bunch of people who had a diverse background. Diverse means conservatives don’t get the job. She thought she had hired one conservative columnist in Steve Snyder, but he went crazy and stopped being conservative, matching more closely a lefty libertine. I told the editor that I was a half hispanic, half scandinavian grandson of immigrants that had been raised in Arkansas and had converted to Christianity after having been an atheist for five years. How diverse a background does a conservative need?

This editor later moved on to a different area of the paper, and recently she sent me an email. This email was a forward from the Bush campaign, they were looking for “Bush-Cheney ’04 is seeking communications interns.
We’re looking for people with writing experience who are able to stay
through the election in November”

I didn’t ask her why she thought I would be a perfect comm intern for the Bush campaign, but I was not even in the running to be a Daily columnist. But that would have been mean.

Anyway, here’s the abortion issue spread in the Wake that I did with Fred Hanson: http://www.wakenews.org/Voices/may5/rights.html

Finally, liberal radio sucks: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/col/story/192671p-166266c.html


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  1. Tim Burnett, the OP-Ed page editor who hired me as a columnist actually had a printed out copy of my letter tacked onto the wall of his cubicle in the MNDaily office.

    He said it was a good letter, since I did in fact properly list all of the communists who were working there (he confirmed all of them were communists) before I asked “how many communists work at the Daily”. Of course, my question is, if it was a good letter, why didn’t they publish it? I digress, I’m glad they didn’t.

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