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So now I hear MSA people actually read my blog, and they read about all the horrible things I say about them then cry.



Well, I have to say it, Daily A&E sectionn editor Niels Strandskov is sick, His most recent article is on iron sculpting, and he turned an article about iron sculpting, or more accurately iron working, in anti-war homo-eroticism. Read the article here: http://mndaily.com/articles/2004/04/28/9477

Here’s what I’m talking about:
“…gurgling, reeking, glowing, smoking and hissing, molten iron is an extremely sensual material. “

“Artists dressed head-to-toe in suede welding suits and wearing masks and helmets maneuver the dangerous, mango-yellow liquid into hulking containers. “

“Given the utter ubiquity of iron — in our blood, our buildings and our bombs — it can be hard to remember what an amazing substance it is. Ancient societies saw ironwork as the province of gods and magicians. For the people at this year’s Iron Pour, the everyday uses of iron might soon eclipse in their memories the utter strangeness of seeing a tough, unbending metal transformed into a slippery, boiling possibility”

If you don’t see any problem with the way the article was written or with the quotes I lifted above, you’re probably a homosexual. That article was sick. In the sense that I might be interested in metalworking, reading that article scared me away from it like a mouse from a cat orgy.

Well, this dirty campaign stuff has finally made a real part of the Daily. Read here: http://mndaily.com/articles/2004/04/29/9502

Jens, the reporter, is missing a big element to this story. It’s too bad these Daily reporters refuse to do investigative reporting, or digging, or anything. The question is, how, with made up results, could the Zearley/Pierce people have accurate results for all seven campaigns? Including the number of votes and the margin of victory?

Their campaign had the results, a commissioner leaked them, I know that Eric dyer knew the results mid election. Luckily (not for me) for them, no one reads this blog.

My laptop may make it to four years. However, it recently had a keyboard replacement, and now it needs another. I have to press the caps key to get capitalized letters because the shift key doesn’t work, the n button normally nn now instead of just leaving one n leaves 2n or nn. There are numerous other problems, resulting in a plethera of grammatical errors that I’m just to lazy to deal with. However, I may just use the laptop until it dies. It’s a Dell Inspiron 3800, the wonder of the last millenia. God I’m bored. Y’all couldn’t give a damn about my laptop problems, I know it.

The Network doesn’t know it, but Net just scooped a lof of actual journalists by posting a letter today, read about it here: http://www.mndaily.com/articles/2004/04/27/9443

I can reveal that those allegation are true. Sources tell me that numerous copies of the MSA election results were around, which means that some of the ACEC commissioners knew and released the elction figures before the polls closed to people who might have revealed it to campaigns. The campaigns that got that information (Zearley/Pierce) knew that the elections were close and stepped up campaigning while the 2nd place campaign that was not in the know, namely Sierra/Montana got shafted.

I know more, but it’s inconsequential, this year’s MSA campaign was not as noticeably dirty as others, it was all under the table this year. In the end, no one cares.

And Network is written by Neil Strandikov, the Daily’s A&E editor

Well, it is the dawn of a new week. And that means…Kerry flops again.

I’m not too into the whole Kerry service debate.

But I am in to Ludditic principles and discussion thereof. Here’s my column in the Wake on just that:


Also, thanks to my many contacts here at the U, I can tell you that the MNDaily is going to be doing their finals issue parody-ing the Wake, they intend to call it the “Ache” and they are going to rif the Wake throughout the paper. This does not surprise me one bit, since the Daily was also considering taking over the Wake. They wanted them bought out wholesale. The Daily has been childish in their hatred of the Wake, and if they do this finals issue they are just proving it. Also, they are proving that the Wake is having an impact on campus and they are proving the Wake’s success. It is good and right to hate the Daily.

Also, there are now some rumors about what the Wake is going to look like next year. Most importantly, the new publisher is apparently a communist who wants to turn the paper into something like the the Pulse or The New Unionist (on campus/metro socialist papers). The sports section and some of the sound and vision content are under the gun. This would be unfortunate, but not surprising.

Finally, after the fact, the Daily was biased inn their coverage of the Gindorff-Edstrom campaign and in the IRV. The Daily sucks, The Wake is about to suck, Network sucks, looks like students need another choice, and I’m not talking about this blog. Another paper is coming, beware.

” Mystery surrounds the death of a leading Sherlock Holmes expert who was found in his bed garrotted with a shoelace and surrounded by cuddly toys.

Westminster Coroner’s Court heard that Richard Lancelyn Green, 50, who had devoted his life to studying Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s fictional detective, had suffered a “very unusual death”.

A wooden spoon had been used to tighten the shoelace around his neck.”

Read here http://uk.news.yahoo.com/040424/325/erwbn.html

Apparently, some of the photos that newsgroups are using [flag draped coffins of U.S. soldiers] are actually the Columbia space shuttle victims.

Journalists disgust me

read about here:

i want tpo nbe a graammer nzzi darnit, but, i , just never learenede how cuz of dat dere pubic skool learnin


Well, I made the Minnesota Daily today, my only problem with the article was that they didn’t capitalize the word “Hell”