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Wow, now we’re creating life in a lab

Commentary on that later.


First, something a little disheartening, a column from Bill Buckley Jr.

Buckley is predicting a problem, that problem being the questions of the Iraq war. The question is whether these issues will predict a campaign outcome for Bush.

In better news, The Passion is a hit everywhere it is, including in the middle east

In fact, it’s looking like The Passion effects all who see it, and may in fact be reducing the levels of anti-Semitism

Al Franken Lies

A few things, this is what the right weather conditions will produce: some awesome photos

Also, see the movie Starskey and Hutch, but even better, see “The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra”

It’s the funniest movie I have ever seen

Wow, woke up 6am this morning…went to bed 1am…no alarm…I just woke up…being old sucks

A few things, I have been really freakin busy with this Right Stuff event I have shown below, however, there are always funny things on my mind, like this Article on new sports bra technology and this hit from the EU that says that mountains that are really high can be hazardous to your health if you climb them.



Conservative stand-up comics to perform March 31st at:


Tired of God bashing? Bush bashing? Conservative bashing? Then this is the “Bash” for you! Come to University of Minnesota’s Coffman Union and spend time with comedians who look at the world the “Right” way…

Look out, Bill Maher! Step aside, Janeane Garofalo! Run for cover, Michael Moore!
Politically conservative stand-up comics are finally coming out of the closet! They are sick and tired of having to hide their political beliefs and feelings just to fit in the liberal world of showbiz.
No more shame, no more fear!! Conservative comedians are here!!

Come to Coffman Theater for “The Right Stuff”– a hilarious ninety minute stand-up comedy show featuring six comedians who have appeared on television, toured nationally and now welcome University of Minnesota fans with a refreshingly “clean” show that laughs at the world from a “conservative” point of view.

This provocative, wickedly funny show pokes fun at the hard left and political correctness, making for a hilarious evening of humorous venting at liberal “conventional wisdom” and the elite media and educational establishment.

The show was recently applauded in a feature article in the WASHINGTON TIMES, and praised by nationally-syndicated radio talk show hosts Dennis Prager, Larry Elder, Laura Ingraham, Ken Hamblin, KABC’s Al Rantel, and Hugh Hewitt!

The show’s headline M.C. and Host is Jeff Jena who has appeared on Dennis Miller, Showtime, MTV, NBC, FOX, and The Nashville Network. He has also done dramatic roles on “Murder She Wrote,” “Hunter” and several other shows, and has headlined shows from Las Vegas to New York. Jeff tackles topics such as guns, immigration, the Democratic party, liberal talk radio, and the dilemma of being a straight white male!

Also featured will be:

Steve Eblin, who just returned from 2 comedy tours for the U.S. tyroops in the Middle East and Afghanistan. Steve finds the honesty and hilarity in everything from a fiercely American perspective.

Julia Gorin, a Fox News and Wall Street Journal contributor from New York City. She’s Jewish, a Russian immigrant, female, lives in Manhattan, and Republican– the Democratic Party’s worst nightmare!

Chris Warren, who hails from that ultra-liberal haven of political correctness — the Pacific Northwest. This “politically incorrect” comic just got back from entertaining our troops in the Middle East, and now he’s ready to entertain you.

The Coffman Theater is located in Coffman Memorial Union
300 Washington Avenue, SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455

Admission is FREE for all U of M students.

The general public will be charged $10.00 per person at the door only (no reservations).

Showtime: WEDNESDAY, MARCH 31st
7:30 p.m.

The Coffman Theater — Coffman Memorial Union
Doors open at 7:00 p.m.

For more information you can e-mail: rightstuffcomedy@yahoo.com


call: 818-207-2997

check out the Right Stuff Comedy website at:

Event sponsors: Students for Family Values, Twin Cities Student Unions,
Minnesota Programs and Activities Council, Collegians for a Constructive
Tomorrow, Student Activities Office, the Administrative Grant, the Event
Partnership Grant, and the Coca Cola Grant.


Okay, because I love links to stuff, here is one of my favorite online right wing t-shirt stores http://www.thoseshirts.com/

and here is another story about the whites only scholarship in RI

Wow, read that and notice that the Republicans threatened to take the charter away from this campus, I’ll explain what that means later, but that’s why CRs suck.

Back in the Twin Cities…


New blog for the Marty, hopefully I can now do other wierd stuff with the MartyEmail blog