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Well, I went to the Mel Gibson film “The Passion of the Christ” on Saturday with a group of people from The Rock Christian students and Students for Family Values. We had a meal, trucked over to St. Anthony Main cinema, and got comfy in what is really a stellar theatre.

There were no previews to the film, which surprised me, but I can admire and be thankful that this film wasn’t overcommercialized.

The Passion is incredible. It is simply based on the accounts of Christ’s crucifixion found on the Bible. There is nothing added to the film outside of what we find in the Bible. The film is intense, and very graphic. In fact, it’s more graphic than any film I can remember.

There are a few things that shold be mentioned, no, this film is not anti-semetic. No, this film is not about Catholicism “idol worship” and no, this film is not about Christ’s teachings. It is only about the death of Jesus.

The Passion does exactly what it was designed to do, present to the public what was.

It’s hard to talk about this film outside of theology. However, I can say with confidence that all the acting was superbly done. Harry the Savage, a U of M latin and classics major, told me that the languages were done well. Visually, this film is spectacular, any digital imaging or speical effects are seamless. Like usual, I didn’t notice the musical score at all, which means it niether took away from the film nor did it outshine the film.

As a relatively recent convert to Christianity, I can say with confidence that this film has a lot of meaning for Christians, and is one to continue to meditate on for a long time. I even went back and read all the accounts of Jesus’ death in my Bible.


Saw The Passion of the Christ. Won’t get too far into it, but it is an incredible movie, and you should go see it.

It’s the Economy STUPID!


From the thesis that it is reasonable to beleive that a God is possible, we move into the more nuts and bolts type questions, specifically I’d like to address evolution.

First, I do beleive that evolution does exist. In the sense that we can measure genetic drift, mutations, and that we know of natural selection, this exists. However, I think evolution without creation fails in some areas. Primarily, creation of the first cell. How did the first cell get created and then why did it divide? Did it magically appear because it had to happen eventually? Also, given a cell, how did one cell evolve into multi celled creatures? And after this cell that divided on its own that evolved into multi celled creatures decide that it wanted to reproduce sexually? And another question, how did DNA come into existence, since you need DNA to make the protien to make the DNA?

I really don’t have answers, they’re important questions. Hell, we can’t even make a computer program last more than a few years before problems start arising (I use Windows 98, I know this well).

okay, a few things that I didn’t clearly spell out in my last entry on athiesm. First, while scientists can discover the ‘greater math’ or the laws of the universe (or even the laws of the multiverse) they cannot explain why there is laws. And the statement “That’s just the way it is” is lacking.

Also, I didn’t make it clear, but secular humanism is just another path to implement socialism.

Dialectical materialism is basically “all things in flux” or the idea that everything, including matter, is constantly in a state of changing.

Not all reason is logical, not all logic is necessarily reasonable. Thus, while it is never going to be purely logical to beleive in God, it can be reasonable.

I’ll get in to some more Christianity based stuff later. Needless to say, see the passion of the Christ

I just wanted to quickly go through some of my thoughts on athiesm. I’m a semi-recent convert from athiesm to Catholicism, and hopefully, by writing down some of my general scattered thoughts on athiesm I can better understand some of the issues involved.

First, athiesm is not the standard in society. Most people beleive in God, and most of those people are monothiestic.

Niether dialectical materialism nor mechanical materialism succesfully explain ideas or personal choice. It is generally assumed that there at least at some point in our society there were new ideas. We also generally assume that there is at least some choice available in the world. Mechanical materialism assumes that the universe works like a clock, it just goes, and there really is no ideas nor choice. Even mechanical materialists that try to explain these items fail. Dialectical materialists assume that the all matter just changes. This dynamic changes causes ideas and choice. However, dialectical materialists fail in the quantum realm, since we know that quarks are quarks are quarks.

Athiesm cannot explain the universe’s existence. Though we have mathmatical theories about why the universe came about, and we have an idea about the nature of existence outside of the rules of this universe, athiesm cannot explain why there is nothing instead of something. All athiests can say is that there really wasn’t a beginning, since time ans space are interralated. This is just punting on the issue.

Some even move the route of the God of Philosophy. However, having seen literature on the philosophical god, it appears the philosophical is disproven by philosophy. First, the philosophical god cannot do things that are impossible. However, they are only impossible in this universe because this universe has rules. However, we can only guess at the rules outside this universe. We even know that there are no rules in certain areas of this universe, like at the event horizons of Black Holes. Also, according to logic, you don’t have to prove something doesn’t exist, only that is does. Logic and reason are also two things not necessarily correlated.

Secular humanism, the athiest replacement for religion, is in fact its own religion. Also, secular humanism is about instituting socialism or at least extreme forms of liberalism into government. In fact, athiesm, materialism, etc, are the first things you need to adopt and learn about to become a communist.

I also know that secular humanism cannot take the place of religion. If it could, I would have never had to convert to Christianity.

That’s just a stream of thought outline on what really is some complex issues.

Here’s a great column on Bush’s Service Record

Basically, it appears that Bush is smart, and he even tried to volunteer for duty in Vietnam, he wasn’t dodging the draft.

Just a few quick presidential items, one is that there is a new Zogby poll showing that electoral college-wise, Bush is doing fine for 2004:

Zogby and Story

even though there was some negative news that Bush was again losing support, this is in the USA Today

That crappy article went on to say, after focusing on Bush being beatable, “The poll also shows that Bush has some strengths. He is still seen as a strong leader and a person of high moral character.

“His job approval was 51%. Since World War II, every president who kept his job approval above 50% in the re-election year has won another term.”

So they admit, that in reality, Bush is looking fine. I hate media

This is cool:

On 16 Feb 2004, Young America’s Foundation wrote:
> The Roger Williams College Republican’s are making a stand against
> affirmative action and awarding a $250 scholarship for whites only!
> College Republican chapter president and the leading member of Young
> America’s Foundation’s Club 100, Jason Mattera, says “White kids are at a
> handicap. Handing out scholarships based on someone’s color is absurd.”
> For more information on Jason’s scholarship, you may download the
> printable, detailed, PDF application here.
> http://www.rwucr.com/pdf/white.pdf
> Jason will make an appearance on FOX News’ Hannity & Colmes tonight,
> Monday, February 16 during the 9:00 – 10:00 p.m. EST hour to talk about
> his “1st Annual
> Students of Non-Color Scholarship.”
> Jason was a Young America’s Foundation National Journalism Center
> last summer.
> To read more about this controversy, visit the Roger Williams CR website
> here: http://www.rwucr.com>
> To post feedback, please click here: http://www.yaf.org/website.html
> ***************************************
> You don’t have to be wealthy to make a significant gift to the Foundation
> or the Reagan Ranch.
> http://www.yaf.gift-planning.org/
> ***************************************
> Young America’s Foundation
> National Headquarters
> F.M. Kirby Freedom Center
> 110 Elden Street, Herndon, VA 20170
> 800-USA-1776
> The Reagan Ranch
> 217 State Street
> Santa Barbara, California 93101
> 877-797-7325
> The National Journalism Center
> 110 Elden Street
> Herndon, VA 20170
> 800-USA-1776

Yeah, sometimes this blogger software screws up, and then it won’t let me change the screw up, so ignore the extra amazon.com review links, it’s not me ego, it’s the puter